My husband and I have always loved Roswell, Ga. for its’ charm and southern feel.  Though we moved a bit north once baby #1 was on the way, we still go back to visit every chance we get almost every weekend!  Thursday evening, after work, Dylan and the boys and I ventured down to the opening of Linen & Flax Barn.  The original store, Linen & Flax Home, also resides in Roswell and the Barn is their secondary location.  Both stores are equally fantastic.

IMG_5618 (002)

The opening of the Barn was buzzing with shoppers, live music and a Freckled and Blue food truck serving guests free food! Who doesn’t love free food?!  The first 20 or so guests got a free gift….I scored one and lo and behold, also won a raffle!!! I was super duper pumped!

IMG_5637 (002)

When it comes to styling, Linen & Flax knows what’s up.  I adore everything they do and like to mimic it in my own way at home!  The items are quite rustic and remind me of  Fixer Upper style.  Any place that sells cotton, moss balls and burlap is a place I want to be at!  Here are a few of my favorite items from last night….the bed frame is to die for and look at the lovely pillows.  I could curl and take a nap here, easily!

IMG_5630 (002)

I adore this weathered chandelier and the beautiful vintage windmill art.

IMG_5623 (002)

Here is some of the loot I came home with as well as some styling tips from my purchases.

These beautiful planters spoke to me {and Dylan’s debit card} because of their earthy grey color and white wording.  Any type of little inspirational reminder is always welcome in our home!  The candle {I won!} smells divine.

IMG_5639 (002)

I played around with my new items and like them in different spots around the house.  Though I’m still in search for the perfect resting spot for the larger hanging planter {free gift!}, I can’t wait to hang it soon!

Our entry way bench is a great place for these planters.  So festive and perfect for Spring.

IMG_5653 (002)

IMG_5655 (002)

The candle looks quite nice on my dining room table.  The rustic brown of the candle holder near the pops of blue and white from the hydrangea sure make me happy!

IMG_5662 (002)

IMG_5665 (002)

Finally, I love the planters on the mantle as another nod to Spring.

IMG_5690 (002)

Our hope is for Linen & Flax Barn to thrive for years to come!  We truly believe in shopping local.  Go support your home town and favorite local spots!  They deserve it 🙂



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