We were a day late with our Cinco de Mayo celebration but that’s okay! Seis de Mayo worked out just as well.  We had some sweet friends over to help celebrate and we all had a blast! Four adults, two three year olds, two toddlers and a six month old!  Quite the festive bunch!  I served homemade chicken enchiladas with homemade salsa, rice & the cutest little appetizer you ever did see….Guacamole Shrimp Bites.  Thank you Pinterest!

I found these beautiful flowers at Whole Foods, my go~to flower shop as of late. When I can’t get to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods does the trick.

IMG_5745 (002)

We recently painted the floor of our back porch with grey concrete paint to spruce it up a bit {it was previously white & not doggie paw print friendly}.  Since we spend so much time outdoors with the boys, I really want the porch to look like an extension of our living room. We’re working on making a few more adjustments to get the final look we want.  Dylan planted some white azaleas and I cannot wait to see them flourish!

IMG_5749 (002)IMG_5755 (002)

Now, back to our fiesta! We each had a sombrero on our chair to put on during our meal and I had two extra hats for the big kids to sport. 🙂 I used colorful place mats which are a bit on the crazy side for me as I tend to play it safe with neautrals and earth tones.  Hey, what’s a fiesta without some color?!

IMG_5744 (002)IMG_5757 (002)

IMG_5760 (002)

Check out these little bites of heaven. Tostito rounds, a smear of guac {I did a few with sour cream for my hubs}, shrimp {sautéed & seasoned with chili powder, cumin, & garlic salt} & a healthy sprinkling of fresh cilantro.  Voila!

IMG_5762 (002)IMG_5763 (002)IMG_5764 (002)

Brooks and Beckett with their massive balloons.  Such a fun evening!  I could celebrate like this every day!

IMG_5770 (002)


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