It’s always a blast to spend quality time with my besties! When you throw brunch into the mix, well it’s definitely a good time! Lauren, Caitlin and I had a fabulous brunch today at Lauren’s lovely home.  She made two delicious dishes, Blueberry French Toast Bake and Breakfast Casserole and served yummy fruit and donuts as well! The prettiest little donuts you ever did see.  I was in charge of decorating the table! Amazing food, amazing friends.  We are the ladies who brunch.


IMG_6281 (003)

This dining room is gorgeous!  The grey walls are crisp and airy and the chandelier glimmers from the ceiling.  It should be featured in Southern Living.  Hands down!

IMG_6277 (002)

I really enjoyed decorating the table! I brought along placemats and some dishes I had at home, my wedding cutlery and coffee cups.  I draped the blue and white fabric on the diagonal to draw interest to the table.  Perfect symmetry can be monotonous and I’m always looking for new ways to mix it up.  Lauren’s table is so beautiful and I wanted the contrast of the dark wood to peak through and really pop!

IMG_8915 (002)

These hydrangeas came out of Lauren’s backyard.  I’m just in heaven looking at these beauties! Complete.Utter.Heaven!

IMG_6278 (002)

The Blueberry French Toast Bake below was scrumptious!  I could eat this everyday.


IMG_8920 (002)

We enjoyed this delish fruit salad and served it from a beaded silver serving bowl into my late grandmother’s antique stemware.

IMG_8914 (002)


IMG_8916 (002)

The tower of donuts may just have been the prettiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on!

IMG_8923 (002)

What’s a brunch without a delish breakfast quiche?! Amazing.  That lady can cook!!

IMG_8919 (002)

IMG_8918 (002)

We had such a lovely time getting together.  Can’t wait till the next one, ladies! What are we havin’?


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