Our back porch got a little Fourth of July love this weekend!  We have a ways to go to reach our final look out there but we’re getting close! We still need an outdoor rug that will survive our dog and we also are in search of the right outdoor toy storage that is somewhat aesthetically pleasing while also practical.  Stay tuned.

This weekend, we added some festiveness for the Fourth.  Dylan, Brooks and I enjoyed our afternoon {low carb!} snack outside and relished relaxing a bit after working hard on our outdoor space.

I did a little styling. 🙂 For starters, what is styling without incorporating some hydrangea?!  I am borderline obsessed.  Okay, I’m obsessed. Guilty! We also used some napkins, a flag and a cute little pinwheel to commemorate the holiday!

IMG_0255 (002)

IMG_0256 (002)

IMG_0203 (002)

IMG_0242 (002)



IMG_0217 (002)

IMG_0248 (002)

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