My husband and I love to eat outdoors as often as we can.  So much so, we have a dining room table on our back porch!  I’ve done a few tablescapes over the last month that I’d like to share.  Whether we have friends over or just a little date for two after the kids go to bed, outdoor dining just seems to suit us.


IMG_5778 (002)

IMG_5782 (002)
This chicken was so yummy but the last time we will see this meal for a while!  A low carb diet has officially commenced at my house! : )

IMG_5787 (002)

Below is another table setting when I was feeling the need for some color! I love these salmon colored plates and they work so well with the pop of pink in my flower arrangement.  It’s very airy and fun for summer!

another table

flowers 3

IMG_5912 (002)

IMG_5913 (002)
This recipe is super simple! Spiral 1 zucchini and 1 squash, add in cherry tomatoes and toss with balsamic dressing. A cinch! And very healthy to boot!

Finally, this last table setting was for an at-home wine tasting we did when my best friend from college came to visit us! We set up a variety of wines to taste and afterward, we had Blue Point oysters and fish tacos for dinner!  The wine came from a local tasting room, Talk of the Table, which has quickly become one of our fave spots! We have fireflies in our backyard that go nuts this time of year so after the sun set, we enjoyed their little pops of light.  So relaxing!  And such great company!

IMG_6082 (002)

IMG_6088 (002)







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