My favorite way to collect items into a grouping is by using trays.  There are so many cute ones out there.  If you just walk through the door at Home Goods one may hit you in the face! Quite literally.  I adore Home Goods.  Don’t you?  I could spend hours in there! Hours and hours and hours.  I digress.  Here are some suggestions on how to use trays to group your items.  Whether it be for serving refreshments, for organization, or even for a pretty little guest room tray filled with goodies to welcome out-of-town guests.  The sky is the limit!  Speaking of, I need another tray for my toiletries and makeup some kind of fierce!

I use trays on the dining table often to group refreshments and food.  It’s so much more inviting when you have company over.  The glasses are there, the beverage is there and I usually add a touch of fruit when I’m simply serving sparkling water.  Fruit just adds a little “pretty.”  A simple table runner underneath and my favorite flower perched nearby make a nice looking, welcoming ensemble.


A white tray is a great way to showcase food.  Below was from a get together with my best gal pal!  Sushi out of the take out box and onto a white platter and you’re all set!

sushi pic

Cheese boards are a fave of mine and I love to serve on rustic cutting boards or wooden trays.  Drizzle some local organic honey on top of Stilton or blue cheese and serve some yummy baguette slices and there’s a fun party!


Here, I used a tray to hold some apple juice and placed some sparkling water so guests could add a little effervescence!  Float fresh granny smith apple slices in the juice to give it a little more visual interest and dress it up!

apple juice

Another fun way to use trays besides for food and beverages is a lovely grouping of goodies for out-of-town guests.  I use trays to hold soaps, body wash, a book or magazine and yummy smelling candle.  Rest the tray onto the guest room bed and it’s ready for your guests to enjoy! You could always add a little notepad with your wi-fi password written down or a personalized welcome note.

IMG_0371 (002)

IMG_0385 (002)

Finally, a tray on a dining table holding flowers and candles is always a good idea. A simple grouping.  Nothing cluttered.  You’ll have a clean, crisp table waiting for you when coming home from a stressful work day!  As you can tell, I love using trays in many ways.


IMG_0425 (002)



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