Some days call for a simple tablescape.  Others call for a little Pretty in Pink! Since my days revolve around all things boy, {my 8 month old baby boy, my 3 1/2 year old baby boy and my big 32 year old hubby boy} sometimes a girl just needs to incorporate a little pink into the mix!

To celebrate my newly painted WHITE dining room.  Yep, I said white!  I decided what better way to mellow out all things male in my house than by setting up a pink table.  Revenge is mine!!

After a few hours of painting on Saturday, I had a little energy left thanks to my morning Pure Barre class to go the distance and set the table!  The great thing about PBC {Pure Barre Cumming} is that I come out of there with the strength of a man while still having my femininity fully in tact!  That class is simply amazing!! I adore all the ladies there! Go check it out if you live near Cumming, Ga.

I styled away and came up with this bit of prettiness below.  I’m itching to decorate your next dinner party, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, you name it!  Gimme a shout!

IMG_0442 (002)



IMG_0438 (002)

IMG_0449 (002)

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