As my babies are getting bigger, I’ve been taking a look back at old photos and videos just reliving when Brooks was Banks’ age and before we even knew we would be blessed with another child!  As my nostalgia has set in pretty heavy over the past few days, I thought what better way to relive those little moments than to do a series of blog posts on my oldest baby’s birthday parties!  Prior to sweet Banks coming into our family, I threw three special birthday parties for his big bro.  I’d like to share them as I weepily {but happily!} walk down memory lane with you.

Brooks Turns One

This day was both joyful and emotional for his Daddy and I.  We were so happy to have so many friends and family come celebrate this big milestone in our little one’s life.  We had a Fireman themed birthday as he was super into fire trucks at this age!

The blue B door hanger welcomed guests and really popped against our red door!



The toy fire truck below housed some pretty white flowers and I stacked it up on a basket with red burlap fabric draped over the basket to give the arrangement some height.  Brooks’ great aunt, Mary Ellen, gave him this firetruck when he was first-born.  She had it sent to our hospital room with some beautiful flowers and balloons attached to it to welcome him into the world! It was only fitting to use here on his very 1st birthday!!


The invitations were custom from Zazzle.  I highly recommend Zazzle for prints, signage and invitations.

We served a lot of yummy food!  Our all time fave party food is from Chicken Salad Chick.  Their platters come in your choice of flavor so we like original and also cheddar, ranch and bacon.  Yum!


Pasta salad is always a good go-to for parties because most everyone loves it as a side and it’s filling.  You can add many ingredients to dress it up too!  Sometimes we add cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and marinated artichokes.  Pimento cheese {homemade by these wonderful ladies in South Ga who are so dear to my heart} is a must have in my household! We are Southern, after all.  For this birthday, we served it with crackers as a spread.  In addition, salty popcorn with sweet m&m’s are a good snack that both adults and kids will indulge in!



I’ve always been a monogram girl.  If I had a monogram machine….yikes, I would likely spontaneously combust!  Of course, when we have any kind of event at our home I break out the monogrammed cookies!  This particular year, we went with Baker’s Man which is located really close to home.  He did an amazing job! Fire hydrant cookies with white piping and Brooks’ monogram.  Yes, please!


These precious fire truck napkins were custom from Etsy.  The Etsy shop is Little Chicklets.  Go check them out!


This custom sign was from Zazzle.


Have you ever seen a cuter fireman?  I picked up fire hats from our local Firehouse Subs and they were kind enough to give me enough for our wee little party goers to sport.



Dylan and I are forever grateful to Angel Wings Photography for capturing this perfect celebration!



Stay tuned this week as I post his second and third birthday parties!

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