I shared a glimpse into the first birthday party we had for Brooks yesterday and today I’m moving on to part II.  His second birthday was all about airplanes!  Our little buster Brooks took on a healthy obsession with aircrafts over the course of his first beach trip!  From the moment the first airplane carrying an advertisement banner flew by our condo window on the 8th floor, Brooks was hooked.  He would scream “aaaa-plane” and “heti-cotter” as they whizzed past.  From there, his next birthday theme was born.  My wheels started turning as I put on my party planner pilot hat!

Zazzle invitations again!  You just can’t go wrong with their prices!  Brooks sweet little monogrammed airplane outfit is from an Etsy shop called Criss Cross Applesauce.



My dining table held the food buffet again and I used a cake plate to display the framed invitation and some cute little aviator sunglasses!


Hanging from the chandelier {that has since been replaced, don’t worry! lol}, I painted a foam airplane that I came across at a kid’s consignment store.  Flanked by a couple whimsical curled ribbons, it turned out pretty festive!


We served a lot of the same items as on his first birthday party menu.  Who can forget popcorn and m&m’s and monogrammed cookies?!



Outside, we set up the drink station under the porch and I added a little signage made out of an old shutter I painted and some burlap letters that said “Drink Cart”




I ordered pilot hats for the kiddos to sport.  Of course, the grown ups got into them too ; )





Another outside table held his birthday cake and an old window frame that I attached pictures of Brooks to from when he was a teeny baby up until his 2nd birthday.  Time flies, indeed!


And our wish that day eventually came true!  Can you guess what we wished for?!  His birthday will be in October, there’s a hint!







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