As promised, here is a look at our last birthday party for sweet Brooks.  He turned 3 years old and is quickly on the road to 4.  How does the time fly by so fast?!  I remember bringing him home from the hospital and now he’s this smart, funny, growny little boy.  One-of-a-kind.  It was only fitting for my one-of-a-kind little fella to have a special theme for his 3rd birthday.  This boy LOVES to fish with his daddy and Bugga {grandpa}.  He’s over the moon for going down to South Ga to catch some fish.  True southern boy at heart!  Gone Fishin’ was the perfect theme!






We served the food buffet style in our dining room.  I used the same red burlap from his first little birthday party.  Flanking the white hydrangea were two adorable little toy fishing poles.  We served that yummy Chicken Salad Chick again, of course!



IMG_8481-1 (2)

Have you ever seen a cuter fisherman?  The answer is no 🙂  He looked so cute in his overalls!  I was just 4 weeks away from having Banks!



We had a “Bait Shop” candy bar set up outside for the kids to nibble on during the party and take home in a baggie.  The blue fish netting was a huge score! I was so excited that I found it online that I bought two!




The beverages were served outside in mason jars.  I tied little bandanas around the drink dispensers to give them a more outdoor, gone-fishin’ feel.  A basket was placed in the middle of the table with a big wide mouth bass popping out and a cute little fishing pole tucked inside.  The fish netting held pictures of Brooks fishing with our family from the time he was barely big enough to walk!


Our party game was to use fish nets to catch little blow up fish.  The kids took the fish home to use as bath toys in a pail along with some goldfish crackers and Nemo coloring book.



We had a fish piñata for the kids to bust upon leaving and get even more sugar fueled for the ride home! Grandma and Bugga helped pass out balloons to the kids as they left!



Of course, my little buddy is a true daddy’s boy so the best way to end the post on this very special day is a precious picture of the two of them.  Mama and Daddy love you, Brooks!


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