In August, we held a birthday party for a very beautiful young woman!  The supermoms banded together {in secret, shhhhh!} to help this surprise party go off without a hitch.  Chloe is truly one-of-a-kind.  She has a gentle spirit and the sweetest smile.  She’s taught our children to be creative, strong, independent, little people and we all love her dearly!

Here are a few photos from the celebration.  The lovely Mel van Niekerk captured the special day.

Chloe, we hope this is your best year yet! Thank you for all that you do for our families.

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IMG_1108 (002)IMG_1110 (002)

IMG_1109 (002)

IMG_1115 (002)

IMG_1125 (002)

IMG_1228 (002)IMG_1134 (002)

IMG_1145 (003)IMG_1103 (002)

IMG_1095 (002)
Lavender Bath Soap Party Favors from Serendipity in Roswell! Precious store!


IMG_1106 (002)21272544_10154717872437120_1128012887806941248_n

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