Sweet Brooks and his best buddy, Hudson, celebrated a joint birthday party last month.  These two boys just turned FOUR years old!  With our powers combined, Hudson’s mommy and I planned out all the party details.  We had a blast compiling and putting our party ideas into action for these two little Superheroes of ours.

Here are some photos from our fun-filled day.  I think the boys will remember this party for a long time to come.

Upon arrival, all the little guests got to put on superhero capes to get in character!

FullSizeRender (007)

FullSizeRender (008)

IMG_2250 (002)

We hired a face painter to get the kid’s all masked up and ready to save the world!  Brooks, though he donned a Flash Gordon cape {for like 15 mins of the entire party}, decided that a snake on his face was the best way to save the day.

IMG_2280 (002)

IMG_2269 (002)

Brooks and Hudson loved their giant Spider-Man balloon!  We sent Spidey on a big send off at the end of the party.  He quite literally soared above the trees!

IMG_2297 (002)

These two kiddos also enjoyed screaming, dancing, laughing and playing with all their friends!

IMG_2300 (002)

FullSizeRender (009)

We served some yummy food!  Publix and Chick-Fil-A swooped in to feed our hungry superkids.  We served assorted sandwiches, pinwheels, chicken nuggets, a veggie tray, chips and fruit!  And who can forget cake! Every superhero needs cake!

IMG_2268 (002)

IMG_2267 (002)

IMG_2271 (002)

How perfect are these little Spiderman and Batman flashlights on top?!  So thankful for Sarah’s sweet friend and baker!  She deserves a Super Medal!

FullSizeRender (00A)

The younger siblings and grandparents of our little Superheroes had a fun time too!  You know, super powers are genetic, after all. 🙂

IMG_2291 (002)

IMG_2293 (002)

IMG_2292 (002)

IMG_2318 (002)

IMG_2283 (002)

IMG_2276 (002)

FullSizeRender (00B)

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